Friday, March 28, 2014

Author's Purpose Tech Integration Lesson at Crow

While participating in the new Technology Integration Coaching Session, Greg Kramer (Crow 6th Grade teacher) planned a technology-rich lesson for his students after having many lessons on author’s purpose. His 6th graders worked in collaborative groups to create Google Presentations that contained examples of written works that were written to entertain, inform, persuade, or express. Students were encouraged to look for examples of written works that they read inside and outside of the classroom. The students then had to search for an image that would represent their slide. Stay tuned for a blog post from Mr. Kramer about his experience. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Transformation Through Innovation Grant-Bowie Institute for Bioinformatics and Statistics (BIBS)

The IB Biology students and the AP Biology students have been learning real world biotechnological techniques in preparation for the ultimate goal of extracting, isolating and discovering a novel DNA sequence for the GAPDH gene. They have been learning how to use the BLAST tool from NCBI to find and compare DNA sequences.

The AP Biology students have been learning about transformations and learning techniques for DNA extraction  as well as using restriction enzymes to cut DNA and then running gel electrophoresis on the products.

Teachers have started the process of educating the students on the tools they need as well as having the students set up their own ways of tracking their understanding. The students have decided to use various online collaborative resources as a way of letting the world know about the project. The students are recording vlogs (video blogs) to share their findings.

Thank you to Mr. Watkins, Bowie High School Science teacher for co-authoring this blog.

Literacy Stations in the Library

Literacy stations are thriving at Shackelford JH!  Librarian Alicia Vandenbroek and teacher Stephanie Wiggins collaboratively planned and implemented four writing stations yesterday.

Point of View Review with Prezi
 Among the topics addressed were areas in which data showed students were weak, editing and point of view.  Seventh grade academic students watched Prezi videos reviewing point of view and worked in TitanPad ( peer editing. Similar to Google Docs, TitanPad allows multiple users to edit a document at the same time, no sign-in required.

Peer editing with TitanPad

Awesome learning is going on in the Shackelford Library!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Creating Interactive Images with Thinglink

This week, teachers came to the PDC to learn about creating thinglinks, a web tool that allows users to add layers of linkable content to images. For the session, I created a onepager and a tutorial thinglink that is equipped with video, text, images and links to tutorials, ideas and examples.
During the session, teachers used a free design tool call Canva to create custom images that they then used to make interactive. Working from the topic, "about me", teachers added information about themselves, what they teach and even the places that they love.

Check out a few examples below!