Thursday, January 30, 2014

Movenote on Chromebooks in Middle School History

Today, I had the pleasure of visiting a different campus, Gunn Junior High where I worked with Mrs. Carslon on getting Movenote going on her chromebooks.

Movenote is an app that allows users to record videos that integrate documents and slides from their google drive. There is no additional account required to use movenote. It is powered by your Google Apps account. Since movenote is an app that is turned on for the entire district, signing up is as simple as signing in to your google apps account. Please check out the video below as I walk you through this process in about a minute.

In Mrs. Carlson's class she plans to use movenote with students as a form of assessment in which they create a snapshot video of learning after experiencing the other modules that she has created.

Here is what Mrs. Carlson does with her chromebooks!

Students can log into edmodo and view any of the 3 minute videos that she has created about her content. I love that she sticks to 3 minutes or less because this is perfect for middle-school students...or anyone for that matter!

After students have watched her video, they can then play games that she has pre-loaded through edmodo like quizlet and zondle. (There is a session at the PDC next month about zondle! Please check ERO for more information)

As stated earlier, movenote is what will happen at the end!

Working with Mrs. Carlson was such a breath of fresh air and I look forward to seeing what her students are able to create!